BASIS – Ring, small

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Linn Sigrid Bratland - Basis - Ring liten_2
SKU: 05-005

BASIS Ring, small

925 silver, with enamel

One size, adjustable.



Product Description

Inspired by bee’s wonderful edifice.

As it is common for designers to receive a portion of the sales, Linn Sigrid has made ​​an agreement with the Norwegian Beekeepers Association that 10% of sales of this collection will be put towards their efforts to save the bees – these little designers are worth fighting for.

The name ‘Basic’ was chosen because of the structure of the hexagon - which is widely used in organic and chemical compounds, such as in metals and crystals. This structure is simply the basis of so much of the world around us, not just the beehives.

Ice blue enamel
Turquoise enamel
Winter blue enamel
Russian blue enamel
Cobalt blue enamel
Blue/black enamel
Emerald green enamel
Yellow ocher enamel