NETTVERK, Ring, flat

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Linn Sigrid Bratland - Nettverk - Ring flat_3
SKU: 01-006

NETTVERK ring, flat

925 silver



Product Description

This collection have patterns taken from what is called ‘karveskurd’ in Norwegian.

They are simple geometric shapes, wood carvings, that were etched into the walls of century old houses. They can still be seen in some of Norway’s oldest remaining wooden buildings.

The fascination with these patterns, which has so much symbolism attached to them, comes from the fact that they have been found all around the world, throughout history.

Your ring size is the inner circumference of your ring.

You can either measure inside of a ring you already have, or you can take a paper strip that you place around your finger. Mark the paper where you want the ring, and measure the length.

The length in millimeters is then your ring size.