ROM – Adjustable armring with enamel

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SKU: 03-006

ROM Armring

925 silver, with enamel

Every piece in this collection is forged before enamelling, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

Small armring with enameled end-pieces, which are open and can be adjusted for size.



Product Description

Old scent containers, or pomanders as they’re also called, inspire this collection. They were seen as being protective to the superstitious, and their shape was made to enhance the magical effect.

This collection gives us a glimpse into a world, and a time, that is now long forgotten.

Ice blue enamel
Turquoise enamel
Winter blue enamel
Russian blue enamel
Cobalt blue enamel
Blue/black enamel
Emerald green enamel
Yellow ocher enamel